Watch the journeys of real Stylists and Managers from franchised Great Clips salons across the U.S.

— Alexis
— Ethan
— Michael
Nicole - Tucson, Arizona

"This opportunity that I pursued with GCAZ is responsible for the growth mindset I have developed that pushes me to strive for excellence while I grow with the company. My career has made me so incredibly happy in my personal and work life because I have seen how much I have grown in every aspect of life."

Valory - Safford, Arizona

"I am so so GREATful for my job. 
I’m grateful that I love where I work, and the team I work with. There is so many going without and I’m so blessed to be working, and to be working for the GREATest company ever."
Stefanie - Mesa, Arizona

"I’ve worked with our GCAZ Franchisee for over 17 years. I’ve been given the opportunity to move into managing and have had great support from my fellow managers and from the general managers to help me grow in my job."

Samantha - Tucson, Arizona

"GCAZ has been great for me since I’ve started in this industry. My management team has been welcoming, helpful, and friendly. Same with all of my coworkers -- they've all been so supportive and helpful any time I've needed it.  I'm overall loving it here, and I find myself looking forward to coming to work and getting excited to be here!"


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